Unglazed or matte porcelain is almost impermeable after it goes through firing in the kiln. However, matte porcelain jewellery pieces will pick up some dirt over time  (i.e. from oil on skin, etc), and the pieces will need to be cleaned occasionally. It is safe and easy to wash the porcelain pieces with dish soap, water and a small brush (note: a toothbrush works well). 

Jewellery cleaning instructions

Dip the brush in the soapy water and brush the porcelain pieces. After brushing, simply rinse the porcelain with clean water. Pat with a dry cloth and lay the piece flat to dry. For tough stains: bleach diluted in water can be used in the case of a very tough stains. Dip a soft cloth in the water with bleach, and clean the stain on the porcelain piece.  Rinse the piece and lay flat to dry.

Lantern care instructions

While the lanterns are delicate and should be treated with care, porcelain is a strong material. The lanterns are no more fragile than a wine glass for example. It is perfectly safe to clean the lanterns. Black soot from the flame can be wiped with a soft damp cloth. Melted wax can be removed with warm water. Simply pour warm water in the lantern or gently place the lantern in a bowl of warm water. The warm water will soften the wax. Let the lantern sit for a few minutes and then remove the wax with your fingers. Avoid using any metal objects to remove the wax. 

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver chains and jewellery components may be cleaned using a silver polishing cloth. These are available in some craft stores, jewellery supply store, or local jewellers stores. 

Jewellery with steel cable or wire

Steel cable or wire necklaces should be stored hanging or flat to allow the cable or wire to retain it's shape over time.