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Janice Cormier is ceramic artist living in Montreal. Her journey with clay began in 2002 during a 2-month stay in Peru. She discovered a rich history of pottery traditions and was captivated by the stories and cultural knowledge expressed in clay objects. After her return home, Janice began taking pottery classes, which eventually led to more advanced studies alongside well-established ceramic artists both in Montreal, and more recently in California.   

Her current work is influenced by her fascination for the natural world.  The vegetation and geology that she discovers during outdoor excursions and travels are great sources of inspiration for her pieces characterized by organic forms and rich tactile surfaces.

L'Atelier is a collection of fine porcelain and stoneware objects handcrafted by Janice Cormier. Some pieces are wearable. Others are meant to bring warmth, fun or beauty to some of your favourite spaces. 


La version française sera affichée bientôt! Merci!